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Private Pool Villa in Lonavala - Le Sutra Great Escapes
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Le Sutra Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. distinguished for its creative art hospitality ranging from boutique art hotels, art
residences and acclaimed restaurants, brings to you Le Sutra Great Escapes Villas. Ensconced in scenic locales, Le Sutra Great Escapes are breath-taking villas which provide our discerning guests their personal getaway to unwind and revitalise in serenity:

The Indian art inspired villas by Le Sutra Great Escapes are designed to tickle the senses and beyond  creating balance and oneness of the body mind and spirit:

The Sense of Sight
Curated art, creative installations, and the play of light are sights to behold.

The Sense of Hearing
The trickle of water, whispering of gentle breeze and the chirping of birds are like music to the ears.

The Sense of Smell
The fragrance of nature through breezy jaalis and airy windows trigger memories of simple, uncomplicated times.

The Sense of Touch
Three dimensional installations, the mix of different materials and the variety of textures are stimuli to awaken the tactile sense.

The Sense of Taste
Scrumptious art-like epicurean experiences tantalize the palate.

Tranquility for the Mind
The unbelievable balance of art, space and nature calms the mind.

Lifting of the Spirit
The verdant surroundings and the scenic vistas provide experiences which can only be described as exquisitely beyond the ordinary.

Le Sutra Great Escapes, provides the villa-for-rent concept where the guests have the entire property for their exclusive personal use on short-term or long-term rental.

Ideal for:

  • Family trips
  • Reunion with friends
  • C-Suite offsites
  • Private celebrations
  • A location for production houses to shoot a film, documentary or web series.
  • Exclusive art retreats.
  • Creative “workations”.

Escape the stressful city life, for a bit, to rest the body, revive the mind and restore the spirit

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