Where Fabulous Flavours Meet

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There’s nothing like great food to complete an incredible holiday experience. It nourishes the soul and strengthens you for all the journeys of your holiday. With all this in mind, Le Sutra Great Escapes has carefully curated a unique dining experience for its guests, with its restaurant, Anglo-Indian Cafe & Bistro, brought to you by Out of the Blue, Bombay.

Anglo-Indian offers you a truly magical dining experience. Ever been confused on choosing between re-experiencing traditional food or trying something completely new on a vacation? With Anglo-Indian, you can put those worries to rest, because we’ve got something for everyone. Experience unique fusion flavours from Europe, without having to lose that special Indian touch. At Anglo Indian, East meets West, past meets future to create a unique blend of flavours and a one-of-a-kind ambience.

Anglo-Indian has separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens and in addition, they also have special Jain options available. You can choose to stay in or eat out since Anglo-Indian offers both dine-in and take out options. And if you’re looking for catering or hosting a special event, Anglo-Indian has got you covered yet again!

Some notable fusion dishes on the menu include the Fire Fry, the Cottage Cheese Paprika Burger, the Penne Masala Mafia and the Chikki Cheesecake. With Anglo-Indian, you have the chance to experience these and other scrumptious fusion and classic options. Explore a world of culinary creations, all in one magical place.

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