Local Attractions Around Le Sutra Great Escapes

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It is well known that sightseeing is an integral part of any trip. With this in mind, Le Sutra Great Escapes has chosen a location close to a plethora of local attractions for Geometrica.

For those seeking the thrill of adventure, the Della Adventure Park is located a mere stone’s throw away from Geometrica. Experience the rush of extreme adventure sports such as rappelling, archery, dirt bike riding, and many more, with a variety of options for individuals and groups. Challenge yourself and push your limits.

For those looking to experience a bit of history, there are numerous caves and forts nearby. The caves include the famous Karla caves, with its beautiful Buddhist architecture and one of India’s largest prayer halls with a stupa, and the Bedse caves, also with Buddhist shrines and memorials.The forts include the Lohagad fort, one of Maharashtra’s iconic hill forts which was part of great dynasties such
as the Marathas and Mughals, and the Tikona Fort, another hill fort with spectacular architecture and stunning landscapes. These and other forts also serve as trekking destinations.

Finally, for the ones who love nature, we’re surrounded by beautiful view points, magnificent waterfalls and serene lakes. View points include the Dukes Nose in the Kaiaraara Rocks, offering breathtaking views of the native coastal forest, the sea, and the Whangaroa Harbour, and the Khandala Ghat View point, offering splendid views of the Bhor Ghat mountain pass winding through misty green peaks. Lakes include the charming Pawna and Lonavala lakes, which can also serve as campsites. Waterfalls include the Zenith waterfall, ideal for a monsoon visit, and the Bhagirath waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery. Restore your spirits with the charming nature views.

Let Le Sutra add to your ideal getaway experience with its prime location and one-of-a-kind luxury villa in Lonavala. Relax and let us help you make your trip the one to remember for years to come.

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