Be Rejuvenated by the Beauty of Nature

Villas in Lonavala with Pool - Le Sutra Great Escapes
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Set among the rolling green Sahayadri hills in Lonavala, Le Sutra Great Escapes combines a comfortable indoor staycation experience with the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors.

In the busy urban lives of today, we are losing our connection with nature, a connection that is vital to our health and well being. Le Sutra Great Escapes offers you the opportunity to rediscover this connection, and find the element of healing within nature. At Geometrica, you are surrounded by nature both in and around the property. The villa itself features a lawn area of 6,000 square feet, and a 5,000 square feet pool area, where the scenic mountain views can be admired from afar. Catch a glimpse of a magnificent sunrise or sunset view in the charming hill station, and find peace under a backdrop of clear skies. For those looking to capture some magical photographs, you’ll find no shortage of picturesque spots in and around the villa.

Speaking of places around Geometrica, those who wish to explore the outdoors and get even closer to nature have ample options of landscapes around the villa. From hills and valleys, to waterfalls and caves, Le Sutra Great Escapes is surrounded by magical views of nature.Refresh your body and spirit with the crisp mountain air and the gentle spray of waterfalls. We are happy to point out trekking routes to those who want to experience the heart of nature for themselves.

Exposure to nature has been proven to reduce stress and increase pleasant feelings. The great romantic poet William Wordsworth wrote, ‘Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher’. Being located a little off the highway, Le Sutra Great Escapes lets you escape the distractions of city life, and experience the beauty and wisdom that nature has to offer.

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