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Le Sutra Great Escape’s first villa- Geometrica is our labor of love. For months all we did was eat, sleep and breathe art and geometry. While our imagination had no bounds, translating it into functional art forms in the villa meant pushing the envelope. We were clear in that no two pieces were to be alike! We enlisted the help of some extremely talented artists to proudly present to you, the World’s First Indian Art Villa!

Here are our top 10 art abstractions from Villa Geometrica:

#1– Original Art by Ram Thorat
When we visualized Villa Geomtrica, the first thing that came to mind was original art in the form of paintings. We scouted for painters whose work represented our artistic sensibilities, and finally zeroed in on the renowned artist Ram Thorat, whose acrylic on canvas art ticked all the boxes- depth, geometrical rendition, and Indian inspired art. What is not to love? Needless to say, Ram Thorat’s works are dotted on the walls of the villa.

#2– Metal Installation in the Foyer
We have always been fascinated by the sun, moon and constellations and artist Abhijit Salunkhe was able
to fructify our thought into an eye-catching wall installation set in the foyer of the villa using metal embossing on copper sheet with patina effect.

#3– Main Door Handle
We were able to turn the humble door handle, into a piece of functional art in Villa Geometrica. Our
inspiration of geometric Mandala patterns was translated into a three-dimensional door handle using
brass casting technique by artist, Prashant Bangal.

#4– Vastupurush Mandal with Shikhar
Vastupurush Mandal is the soul of every building. And Villa Geomtrica just had to have one! What better
place than the entrance of the living room to place ours in? So, we transposed it as ground artwork in the
mosaic flooring. Not satisfied with just that, we added further drama with a temple top (Shikhar) made of
hand carved basalt stone with rough and smooth texture. Artist Chetan Vaity made real our flight of fancy.

#5– Outdoor Archway
The romantics in the team demanded an archway! Artist Prashant Bangal crafted us one that was 8 ft
high. He painstakingly hand-carved it with both rough and smooth textures on basalt stone. He brought
the temple arch inspiration to life in our modern villa.

#6– Glass Mosiac Wall Feature
How can an Indian art villa be complete without a representation of the seven chakras of the body? Artist
Hansal Patel gave a quirky twist when he juxtaposed each chakra inside an eye to create a captivating
glass mosaic wall installation comprising seven eyes, one for each of the chakras.

#7– Soundwaves Patterned Headboard
We decided to bring a touch of whimsy in the villa’s bedrooms. With the help of artist Arvind Mishra, we
hand-carved a headboard above the bed by reconstructing sound wave patterns on nine panels of white
marble, giving the bedroom an eclectic vibe.

#8– Conch Shell Wardrobe Handles
The devil is in the details. In our case, even functional elements like wardrobe handles echo the art-villa
ethos. Brass cast conch shell wardrobe handles, carefully crafted by artist Prashant Bangal, are examples
of art inspiration in the mundane.

#9– Hamsa Hand Outdoor Installation
The Hamsa is the open right hand, recognized as a sign of protection. We added another dimension of the
five elements- air, water, fire, earth, and space to create a multi-dimensional stunning basalt stone with
metal inlay outdoor installation.

#10– Poolside Water Feature
We just had to include our fixation to Neo Tantra Art somewhere in the villa and artist Chetan Vaity gave
wings to our imagination in the hand carved Basalt stone sculpture by the poolside. The gentle trickling
sound of water from it works like sound-therapy!

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